Warning Your Children Against The Dangers Of Sexting

Legal Details Behind “Sexting”

You may not realize all the legal dangers accompanied with sexting

You may not realize all the legal dangers accompanied with sexting

An Introduction To “Sexting”

Since first mobile phones were widespread adopted in the early 1990s, they’ve become an everyday tool ever present, but also have developed new capabilities, such as the feature to take and instantly share photos and send text messages. These features have lead to the phenomena of “sexting”. In sexting people send suggestive or nude pictures to others mobile phone users in the network using their mobile phones. A true etiquette has been developed regarding to the subject, including rules on how to start sexting, how to start dirty texting, texting conversation, how to sext.

Some of the American states have adopted specific laws regarding to sexting that prescribe penalties aimed specifically at adults as well as teenagers underage who send such photos. The regulations and laws make the penalties for adults more severe than when teens would send similar photos to minor person, which of course, it makes much sense.

To get state specific details, people can search info available online regarding on teen sexting laws by state. There are also many controversial cases in the news. Many of this can simply stem from not knowing how to start a texting conversation.

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New Area of the Law

In the law sections, sexting laws are a relatively new phenomena which has appeared only in recent years. Since the year 2009, for instance, about 19 states have adopted such teen sexting laws. In the year 2012 an additional 13 states were trying to pass bills regarding to the issue. Today, teen sexting laws are still not adopted in a majority of states, however this trend appears to slowly move towards more widespread adoption. Meanwhile, in those states without sexting laws, this may still be punished under child pornography pre-existing laws that.


Those American states that have adopted such sexting laws have targeted specifically images sent between or among teenagers. Teens are predominantly curious how to start sexting. For instance, in the state of Connecticut’s sexting law targets teens who either transmit or possess nude or obscene photos of themselves or another teenager. The Connecticut law makes clear distinctions between the sender’s and the recipient’s age. Senders between the ages of 13 and 15 who send pictures of themselves are penalized, as well as recipients between the ages of 13 and 17 who receive such images.

However, from state to state the laws differ significantly. For example, in Louisiana it is prohibited that anyone under the age of 17 keeps or sends explicit photographs. In the state of Texas it is allowed an exception for sexting in case that the two are dating and a minor sexts with another minor no more than 2 years older or younger.

Federal law

Sexting can also be persecuted under the federal law, according to the circumstances. The PROTECT Act that came out in the year 2003 makes it illegal to manufacture, possess, receive, or spread any image that is obscene and involves a minor engaged in conducts that are sexually explicit. Can be persecuted on the same act even those parents of a teenager who encourage or do not take appropriate measures to stop such kind of behavior of a minor. As we can see both federal and state laws are discouraging sexing between minors.


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Finding Santa Cruz Family Law  For You


Locating Santa Cruz Family Law Firms For You

Locating Family Law Firms For You

An Introduction

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Consider the essentials

Before you step out to look for the right lawyer to represent you in a family court, you will need to point out the vital factors. To make your search narrow, here are some things you would want to consider:
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Things to consider in the lawyer

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In conclusion


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